College Change Information

The College Change Petition may be used by students wishing to change from one undergraduate college to another.

To be eligible to switch between college students must:

  • Have Sophomore status (24 credits total), with a minimum number of 12 credits earned at Lehigh
  • Be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.0)
  • Fill out the College Change petition and submit to their current college for review and approval
    • Once reviewed and approved, your undergraduate office will forward your college change petition to your new college's undergraduate office for further approval and processing, which sometimes requires a meeting to discuss degree requirements.
    • For the College of Arts & Sciences, please submit forms to

*Please note that the College of Business requires potential college switchers to view a college information session, have credit for or pass with a C- or better in both ECO 001: Principles of Economics and MATH 081: Calculus I with Business Applications or its equivalent, MATH 021: Calculus I, and to submit the College Change Petition by 11/1 for Spring admission and 4/1 for Summer admission. For more information please refer to their dedicated webpage


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