Financial Aid

Financial aid is ordinarily available only for regular, full-time graduate students.

Lehigh University financial aid consists of academic awards such as teaching assistantships, research assistantships, graduate assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships, and student loan programs. Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, graduate assistantships, and scholarships are academic awards made by individual academic departments. Graduate fellowships are merit-based academic awards made by a department, by the dean, or by the university. Forms requesting financial aid (part of the application packet) must be filed with academic departments no later than January 1st. Generally, a special committee formed by department faculty selects the recipients of these awards based upon merit. Students are not required to submit a financial statement. International students are eligible to apply. In addition, several graduate assistantships unrelated to a particular area of study can be obtained by applying directly to administrative offices on campus.

Teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships. Teaching assistant and graduate assistant (TA/GA) are technical terms used to describe specific types of Lehigh University student employees. The duties of TAs and GAs are generally set by the departments or offices where students are employed, but certain conditions must be satisfied before a student can be classified as a teaching assistant or a graduate assistant. In addition to a stipend, TAs and GAs also receive full tuition remission. Application for these awards must be made by January 1st for the following fall semester. For more information, visit the Teaching and Graduate Assistants Web page.

Research Assistantships. Research assistantships (RAs) are academic awards made by departments or individual faculty with research projects. Applications these awards for the next fall semester must be submitted no later than January 1st. Research assistants receive a stipend and tuition remission.

Fellowships. Individual departments typically recommend students for several prestigious university fellowships. These academic awards are based upon academic excellence and merit. Candidates are selected by a faculty committee and receive awards consisting of a monthly stipend and full tuition remission. Recommendations for the following fall semester are submitted to the appropriate offices in January or February.

Scholarships. Scholarships are academic awards consisting of full or partial tuition remission. These awards are made by the individual departments, and application must be made by January 1st for the following fall semester.

Other graduate assistantships. Graduate students may also apply anytime directly to administrative offices for graduate assistantships (GAs) unrelated to their areas of study. The availability of these assistantships is based upon the needs of the individual departments or offices. GAs are employed regularly by the office of the vice provost for student affairs, the dean of students office, and the university counseling service.

Student loan programs. Student loan programs are administered by the Office of Financial Aid located at 27 Memorial Drive West. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible. Applications have to be submitted directly to the Office of Financial Aid. For more information, visit the department page.