Preparation for Law School

In keeping with the recommendations of the Association of American Law Schools, the University does not have a prescribed pre-law curriculum. Lehigh students have been successful in attaining entrance into law schools from diverse curricula in all three of the undergraduate colleges.
Preparation for law school can include a wide variety of courses but should emphasize critical reading, thinking, writing, and research skills. Appropriate courses include those in political science (e.g., constitutional law, civil rights, public policy, courts), philosophy (e.g., ethics, logic), journalism, history, psychology, and sociology. Economics and accounting are also recommended to students considering law school.
The College of Business and Economics offers several courses, such as Introduction to Law and the Legal Environment of Business, that are intended to provide a legal background for business decision-making for business students. Although such courses are not intended for law-school preparation, they are nevertheless often taken by students interested in law school.