Unlocking the Past to Shape the Future

Program Description

Our program offers students a small, intimate experience of close collaboration with world-class faculty who work in diverse research fields all connected to the broader theme of Transnational History. Here, you will uncover captivating truths and uncharted territories that challenge traditional historic narratives, giving you the essential skills needed for success in today’s globalized society. 

Our supportive community offers:

  • Close engagement with faculty mentors
  • A positive and collaborative student community
  • The foundational skills, theoretical knowledge, and methodological acumen necessary to conduct research, teach, and publish
  • An extensive array of pedagogical, research, and professional development opportunities

The M.A. program typically requires 30 credit hours and is generally completed in 3 - 4 semesters. It includes a capstone requirement for which students choose among various options, depending on their professional goals.  

How to Apply

  • Please review application requirements and submission instructions here
  • To fulfill the application requirements for the history program, please include a historiographical essay or research paper in your application submission.
    • Ph.D. applicants: GRE is required
    • M.A. applicants: GRE is optional. You may choose to submit an additional optional essay.
  • Applications and all supporting materials are due by January 15 for fall enrollment.

Department Contact

For admissions and general information, please contact the graduate programs office at incasgrd@lehigh.edu.

We encourage prospective students to contact the graduate director, Professor Nitzan Lebovic, to discuss your scholarly and research interests and learn more about what our program can offer. 

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