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Program Description

Our graduate programs in English are designed to train you as both a scholar and a teacher. This is where your love for literature converges with a deep commitment to social justice. Through the power of narratives, you can forge a future where your passion becomes the positive force for societal change. 

Here, you will explore questions of power and inequities that are both historical and contemporary and illuminate pathways to a more inclusive and equitable society.

M.A. candidates typically complete the program in 2 years with 33 credit hours of coursework, thesis optional. 

Ph.D. candidates typically complete the program in 7 - 10 years with additional credit hours (depending on entry level) as well as a dissertation. 

How to Apply

  • Please review application requirements and submission instructions here
  • To fulfill the application requirements for English, please submit these additional documents:
    • M.A. and Ph.D. programs: total of 3 letters of recommendation
    • M.A. program: writing sample of 15 pages (at most) of academic prose (preferably a paper submitted for a previous assignment or excerpt from undergraduate thesis)
    • Ph.D. program:
      • M.A. in English or related field
      • writing sample of 15 pages (at most) of academic prose (preferably work written at the graduate level)
      • brief statement of foreign language training
  • Applications and all supporting materials are due by January 1 for fall enrollment.

Contact Us

For admissions and general information, please contact the graduate programs office at incasgrd@lehigh.edu.

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