Earth and Environmental Sciences

Set Out to Safeguard the Future

Program Description

Through the study of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES), you will unravel the complex tapestry of our world’s processes, decoding patterns and unveiling hidden truths through sophisticated techniques. To study natural systems is to understand past environments, our current environment, and the future of the Earth system. As global environmental changes accelerate, it is critical—now more than ever—to possess a broad and comprehensive understanding of the Earth sciences.

We offer both M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in EES. Under a broad Earth-systems umbrella, students research the subdisciplines of ecology, environmental science, biogeochemistry, oceanography, geology, geochemistry, and geophysics.

M.S. candidates typically complete the program in 2 years by performing thesis research and 30 credit hours of coursework. 

Ph.D. candidates typically complete the program in 4–5 years, by completing dissertation research and coursework that varies based on prior experience. 

How to Apply

Please review application requirements and submission instructions here. 

January 1 Priority deadline for fall enrollment (financial aid consideration)
July 1 General deadline for fall enrollment (no funding)
November 1 Deadline for spring enrollment*

*Please contact the EES department for information if you are interested in a spring semester start.

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